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Genesi Italia has a clear corporate vision, ingrained in its employees, in all business areas and roles, in his collaborators, in its services and in its products and it is inspired by values such as the centrality of human life, passion for innovation and divulging of safety culture: "Being the arm that saves lives and protects the dreams of those who work."

The mission of Genesi Italia is:
Design and create solutions that protect people's lives. Divulge the culture of the right to work safely to allow the employee to go home every day safe and sound. We are the arm that saves lives and protects the dreams of those who work.
We are the arm that saves lives and protects the dreams of those who work

We do believe in these values:
Reliability. This means constantly responding to the commitments knowing how to organize and complete our work on time. Fulfill our duties respecting rules, objectives, methods and processes.
Respect. This means safeguarding corporate assets and defending our strategic choices, taking care of people, their ideas, needs and also their time.
Competence. It means being constantly updated, trained and ready to respond to the needs of our customers in a quick and comprehensive way. Fulfill their tasks and share experiences, promoting a rational and constructive criticism.
Challenge. It means setting ambitious objectives and being forward-looking. Look for new goals and overcome difficulties for a continuous growth.
Excellence. It means going beyond the needs of the customer. Seek improvement to ensure high levels of quality, without leaving anything to chance.
Communication. It means being able to listen and ask, give and ask for feedback. Know how to share clear and concise information, choosing an effective and appropriate way.

Who is Genesi Italia?

Following the great success obtained after its ten-year experience in... more...

Following the great success obtained after its ten-year experience in Italy, the company is raising the bar by undertaking a new challenge with enthusiasm: the access into the European market. To perform it, the company chose a new partner, well experienced in tough challenges: Mr. Simone Moro. Collaboration with this extraordinary person started some years ago and it goes far beyond sponsorship of sport accomplishments: Somain Italia and Simone Moro share many things, starting from the town, Bergamo, to resemblance of ideals and deep virtues such as respect, excellence, reliability by working under rules, objectives and competences to fulfill duties and share experiences for a collective growth. Somain Italia, along with Simone Moro, puts safety as its first priority. Safety intended as the set of theoretical and practical knowledge with all necessary instruments to safeguard a man’s life and allow him to go back home, at the end of each working day, safe and sound…just like after an extreme expedition.
To face the approach to new markets successfully, we created a new brand, starting from the origin of life, the most precious gift for each man: GENESI Italia. Even our slogan evolved from “Safe for Nature” to “Be Safe”: an exhortation for workers to protect, every day, their safety and a warning to all employers, to remind their responsibilities towards employees and their families. Thinking about safety responsible, GENESI Italia created a team of specialized professionals with the unique goal to support employers in their process of risk assessment regarding works at heights or in confined spaces. By analyzing adopted protective systems, GENESI Italia advisors are able to suggest the implementation and use of some corrective and preventive actions in order to lower the probability of injuries. Technical experts will help workers by showing them all risks associated to their mansions and by training them , through practical courses, in using the anti-fall devices available at work.

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